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Unit pricing starting at
2 ton - $4,000.00
2.5 ton - $4,400.00
3 ton - $4,800.00
3.5 ton - $5,200.00
4 ton - $5,800.00
5 ton - $6,200.00

Many factors go into making a decision when choosing an air conditioning system including efficiency, name brand quality, and price.
No matter what factors are important to you we have a unit specific to your needs.
Some of our better know brands include Grandaire, Comfortmaker, Trane, York, and Goodman. Every unit we install comes with an exceptional 10 year parts warranty that we register for every unit we install.

Service & Repair

20% off repairs for all Maintenance members
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Coastal Comforts of Tampa Bay is dedicated to the comfort and satisfaction of our residential and commercial customers. Our AC technicians are certified and will provide you with the highest-quality service. We take the time to explain your options and offer you the most cost-effective solutions to your HVAC requirements. We offer top-tier products from the leading AC manufacturers and provide exceptional repair and maintenance services to keep them running right.


Only $100.00 per Year!
Save 20% on repairs
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Benefits of keeping your system properly Maintained include:
* PVC Backup Prevention
* Mold Growth Prevention
* Adds 3-5 YEARS of life to the system on average
* Prevents 97% of breakdowns 
* Keeps cooling costs 10%-30% lower
* Meets warranty requirements
* Ensures safe operation

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Benefits of air duct cleaning include:
1 - Improved Air flow
2 - Improved System Efficiency
3 - Improved Air Quality
4 -Reduced Allergens
5 - Eliminates Odors

Join The Comfort Club Maintenance Plan Today! 
Only $100.00 per year

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2 visits per year Include:
* Standard 1'' Filter Replacement
* Indoor Unit Coil Sanitation
* Drain Line Flush & Chem Sediment Treatment
* Thermostat Adjustments
* Check Operating Pressures
* Measure of Amp Draw from Motors
* Check Electrical Components & Connections 
* Outdoor Coil Rinse in place

Member Benefits Include:
* 20% Discount on Repairs
* Club fees transfer to system replacement credit up to $1000.00 off a new system.
* Priority Service
* Meets Warranty Requirements
* Adds 3-5 Years of life to the system
* Reduces breakdowns 97%

Why all HVAC systems need Maintenance

HVAC Equipment not only regulates temperature, it also controls humidity and circulates air in the home.

A well protected and maintained unit will clean your air. 

A unit that is completely left unprotected will accumulate dust and mold. The air circulating through a system like this can cause many ailments

There are many levels of protection you can get for your A/C system. The most basic level of protection you can get is a maintenance  every 6 months.

Maintenances when properly performed  will significantly reduce mold growth, Stop sediment and sludge buildup in pvc pipes. and stop electrical damage from flowing from one minor part to major parts in the system that are expensive repairs

Don't let this happen to your System
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